Library Arts Alive! program features young Northern Neck artists  

Coloring our Crayons with our Crayons

Coloring our Crayons with our Crayons

Northumberland Public Library Arts Alive! opens an original exhibit of artworks by local home-schooled children Friday, February 9. The Friends of the Library will host a reception for the young Northern Neck artists from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The library is part of the Virginia Artisan Trail, a network of art and craft-related businesses and venues throughout the state that showcase local arts and crafts.

“This is a really big deal for these children,” said Maryanne Ashurst, their art teacher.

She pulled together artwork by the children from the past three years, which is why there are only artists names but no ages each piece.

“I see these projects and then they go home,” she said. “Moms and dads will sometimes frame work and hang it on a wall at home, but to have it in an area where the public will look at it is really exciting.”

Ashurst has a core group of about nine students she meets with twice a month. The collection brings in other home-schooled artwork and represents some 20 students from all over the Northern Neck and King and Queen, whose ages range from four to 15-years-old.

Students worked in a variety of styles. There are themed groupings of art such as “Selfies” that feature animal and insect portraits, Andy Warhol-inspired candy boxes, and “Coloring Our Crayons with Crayons.”

The hardest part of putting together the exhibit was weather.

“Every time we set a date to collect artwork, we had a snow storm,” said Ashurst. “We finally worked that out but I think maybe next time we won't have it during the dead of winter.”

Each month Friends of the Library sponsors an Arts Alive! exhibit. The children’s exhibit runs through the end of the month and is free to the public. Light refreshments will be served opening night. The library is located at 7204 Northumberland Hwy., Heathsville. For more information call 580-5051 or email:


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